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3 Practical Tips in Determining the Size of Your Stickers or Labels – Our Guide

Designing and printing your custom stickers or labels can be a bit tricky. If there’s one predicament that you’ll be confronted with, that is not knowing the size of your stickers or labels to print. Who knows exactly how large a 10 x 17 cm document looks in real life? It can be rather challenging to visualize numerical measurements.

It’s best if you can translate your stickers or labels into height and width dimensions for printing. Struggling with the concept? Below are some practical tips to help you determine the right size of stickers or labels you should print.

1. Stickers: having a real sense of size

Having a real sense of size can make a great deal of difference in your size visualization. What we suggest is to create a visual sense of size with something in front of you. 

You need a pen, piece of paper, a ruler, and a pair of scissors to do this. Draw out the size that looks good to you, cut it out, and hold it up as a template. This template works better than seeing a size on a computer or even drawing a shape on a piece of paper. It should be something that you can take hold of. Once you have the template, measure its height and width. 

Now, you are all set and ready to obtain a quote and get your stickers printed!

2. Labels: selecting the size and shape

The method above can work well for labels as well. 

Let’s say that your product is bottled and you know exactly how large the container is. All you have to do is to cut out a paper template and place it over the bottle. Make adjustments to the size until you get one that fits perfectly. After that, simply take the measurements with a ruler!

This is a straightforward and easy way to figure out the size and shape of the label you’ll be placing on a curved item.

3. Object-comparison method for stickers and labels

Apart from the step mentioned above for both stickers and labels, there are some other methods that you can resort to. 

One effective way is to make use of everyday objects around you. These objects can be coins, bills, notes, mobile phones, or your credit card. You can quickly search online to know the dimensions of these items. Then, use the object in question in replacement of a ruler. It will serve as a reference to your stickers or labels during the planning stage. 

Albeit this won’t give you the exact height and width, this method is a great way to get a general estimate of the sticker or label size that you desire.

When it comes to printing stickers or labels, size does matter. To get acquainted with the right size, consider the tips outlined above—having a real sense of size for stickers, choosing the size and shape for labels, and following some practical methods. 

In the end, the size of your stickers or labels can make a difference in the outcome of your marketing tools.

If you’re looking for a sticker printing service in London, get in touch with Print Pal London today! We’re happy to help.