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3 Key Benefits of Poster-Based Marketing for Businesses

Poster-based marketing has been around for a long time, especially when talking about advertising for businesses of different backgrounds. For a while, it even started as half-truths for promotional purposes, such as the case of the Fiji Mermaid in 1842 promoted by businessman and con-artist Phineas Taylor Barnum. The poster featured a mermaid attraction, which later turned out to be a monkey attached to a fish. Nowadays, advertising trickery won’t stand a chance, but posters still continue to be popular.

Because posters have been used for years now, many businesses have often overlooked them, saying that print media is dead. They would often point to television commercials, social media campaigns, and the like. However, that is far from the truth since there can be an untapped market worth considering for your brand. To find out more about this, use this article as your guide. 

Produces cost-effective marketing materials

Whether your business is big or small, marketing costs are often expensive because of the amount of time and effort poured into production. Even if you turn to optimised pay-per-click advertising, it can still cost a lot within a short timeframe, leading to high-risk investments. Worse, your campaigns may not entice customers since they are more likely to connect with bigger, more established brands and businesses with big-budget commercials. The good news is poster-based marketing may just be the opportunity that can help you meet a particular niche demand and garner more customers. 

Most enterprises are too busy using digitised formats, finding ways to be heard, and avoiding getting overtaken by the oversaturated Internet market. To stay ahead of them, your business can provide a strong core message and wholesome connection with prospective customers by strategically placing the right poster campaigns near your store. Just ensure the brand is prepared to reinvent itself when necessary to avoid being too generic and boring. 

Allows for different marketing strategies to target customers effectively

One of the most noticeable downsides of online marketing is its lack of personability and sentimental value to specific consumers. All you can really do is send, screenshot, and share through various platforms. It can easily go over different users’ heads since they are more desensitised to advertising. Some would even go out of their way to pay websites or use VPNs to avoid sitting through advertisements. 

With posters printing, your enterprise can utilise the material as a gift for dedicated customers or newly registered prospects, incentivising them with a creative graphic to remember your branding and share it with others. Posters can also be placed on vehicles for motorists to see your products and services. Whatever direction your business wants to take, there are multiple possibilities with poster-based marketing!

Enables graphic designers to try different styles 

In a typical business marketing team, it is always important to have a brief to ensure the campaign has a clear direction. The problem is your graphic design specialist may be limited by the chosen medium due to a lack of flexibility. The good news is poster-based marketing is essentially like a blank sheet of paper since various creative possibilities can abound. From the printing measurement to the art style, your only limit would be your imagination! 


Poster-based marketing is a great way for brands like yours to rediscover traditional mediums and promote products or services effectively. Now that you have a deeper understanding of its other benefits, it is important to maximise this resource as best as you can. Thus, ensure you partner with experienced printing professionals like us to get the job done right! 

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