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3 Fun and Creative Ways to Use Glossy Stickers for Your Brand

3 Fun and Creative Ways to Use Glossy Stickers for Your Brand

In a saturated marketplace where brand design heavily influences the buying experience, package designs, labels, and other print collateral can do wonders for adding value to your bottom line. 

Stickers, in particular, have always been associated with product labels and name badges, though businesses don’t realise the sticking power they can do to your marketing strategy. Stickers only need minimal investment, but they can engage your customers in ways that are casual, interactive, and lasting. 

If you’re wondering what print stickers can do to give your marketing collaterals an interesting streak, the reasons below explore how stickers can actually make your brand message stick to your target audience.

Tip #1: Hand Out Stickers at Grand Openings, Special Events, or Trade Shows 

Stickers with fun designs are always a delight to give away to customers, especially when you hand them out during your brand’s opening launch, trade shows, or other promotional events. It’s a quirky way to leave a part of your branding with your audience. 

You can also use stickers to supplement your sample products, allowing you to make an impression and establish a deeper connection with your consumers right off the bat. 

Tip #2: Use Stickers to Personalize Your Brand Packaging

It can be costly to customise product packages, especially for small e-commerce businesses that deal with an influx of customers daily. A more cost-effective yet compelling way to make your packaging more visually appealing is to add stickers, as they can include all your important details. 

You can take your packaging a step further by using stickers to deliver your slogan, giving your products a unique focal point that is cheap, easy to apply, scalable, and fun. 

Tip #3: Make Your Stickers Interactive by Using Them as QR Codes

In a time when social distancing is still in practice, using QR codes to promote touchless interactions can be an excellent way to provide details about your product or service with one click of a button. 

With that in mind, why not make your QR codes interesting by incorporating them with your sticker design? Using QR-coded stickers can let your business operate more efficiently, provide better customer service, and boost your brand awareness all in one fell swoop. 

The Bottom Line: Different Ways to Maximize Your Brand’s Sticker Designs 

Sticker designs offer brands a creative way to extend their exposure and let their message stick, but the best part is that it all comes at an affordable price. This goes to show that stickers – whether matte or glossy – deserve more limelight in your marketing roster as something as they serve as entertaining alternatives that can represent your brand personality without having to break the bank. 

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