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3 Different Types of Business Brochures and What Works Best

3 Different Types of Business Brochures and What Works Best

Whenever a company is preparing to launch something new, be it a product or a service, it must always have a solid marketing plan. After all, a launch is doomed to fail if it’s not given top priority. There are many ways to market something, but companies still rely on older methods because they can still be effective. One perfect example of this is giving away brochures.

A brochure is a printed page that contains basic information about a product or service. It’s one of the most commonly used marketing tools because it’s practical. However, like many marketing materials, printing must be done before handing it out. For this reason, many companies have no idea what are the requirements for a brochure, which is why we’ll discuss them in this article. Read on below to get started.

The Different Brochure Sizes

Brochures come in different sizes, which makes them a versatile marketing tool. These include:

Legal Size Brochure

A legal size brochure measures approximately 8.5″ x 14″, slightly narrower than the standard letter size. Businesses often use it because it’s practical, especially for office professionals.

Being the most common brochure size, it also offers various methods for presentation, such as half-fold or tri-fold. Depending on how they were folded, they can be given out to be read or used as a postcard.

Tabloid Size Brochure

In comparison to the legal size brochure, the tabloid-size brochure is larger. It measures 11″ x 17″ inches, almost twice as big. Large businesses often use it and often contain extensive information about whatever they’re offering.

As for presentation, the half and tri-folds will also work. However, the size also allows for other folds, such as the double-gate and accordion fold. The former is a method of folding that enables the brochure to be opened out to create a double-page spread, while the latter divides the brochure into three or more folded panels to create an accordion-like form.

Full-Size Brochure

As the name suggests, this is the biggest possible size for a brochure at 11″ x 25.5″. It’s often used by businesses to present a lot of information, such as a product’s history or the company’s annual performance. Because it’s bigger, it can also be folded into many different sizes, especially the half fold and the trifold, the most common. However, the size makes it possible to use four folds, thereby maximising the use of space.

What Should Be In a Brochure?

Aside from whatever’s being offered in a brochure, the following could also be included:

Company Background

The company’s history is important because it shows how it became the business it is today. Explaining the history also helps people understand the company, so include it in the brochure.

Company Logo

A company’s logo is like its identity, especially true in today’s digital world. An online search often leads to the business’s website, and the absence of a logo might make it seem inauthentic.

Social Media Pages

Social media has become an essential part of reaching out to customers. For this reason, it’s good to include the company’s social media pages, such as Facebook, Instagram, and more. This shows that it’s socially active and also adds credibility.

Photos of What’s Offered

Showing physical photos of the offered item or service is one way to make a brochure more effective. Additionally, including images of the company’s team is also a good idea, especially for small businesses.

Contact Details

Finally, be sure to include the company’s contact information. This is important, especially for large businesses, because many people like to use the brochure to ask for more information about the offered product or service.


A brochure is a practical way to promote a product or service, so it’s vital to ensure it’s done right. Printing is only the first step, and it includes things like proper folds and additional information. However, keep in mind that a brochure is only a starting point, so you must make it appealing to your prospects, meaning you have to design it properly.

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