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3 Amazing Tips to Make your Business Stationery Stand Out – Our Guide

Most companies devote their resources to enhancing the aesthetics of their website. This strategy strengthens their online presence because potential leads spend more time surfing the Internet nowadays. However, developing professional-looking business stationery is a sound approach, even if your company uses email and online messaging for most of the correspondence.

There’s no substitute for personalised communication, and emails or quick online chats cannot give that. That’s why couples still give out printed invitations for their wedding, and parents distribute printed invites for their child’s birthday. The same is true for lovers who exchange notes to profess their love.

As much as you want to become successful in your business, you will not reach your lofty goals without building strong personal relationships. One way to do that is to send handwritten messages inside a branded stationery with your company logo. This gesture will be widely appreciated because of your level of thoughtfulness that emails cannot achieve. 

By making your customers feel important, they will devote trust and loyalty to your business. However, there are ways to get your business stationery right, especially for those potential partners that are harder to please.

1. Simplicity is best

Your business stationery is not for selling purposes. Instead, you can promote your products or services through other marketing collaterals. However, the stationery helps portray the professional image and readiness of your company to conduct business. That’s why it pays to have the contact details printed prominently. Including social media handles will encourage the recipients to keep in touch quickly.

Likewise, keep the design clean and consistent by using your brand’s colours. Make sure that there is still ample space to write your thoughts even if you are using border designs. Finally, never place any product image on the stationery because it cheapens the look. Don’t forget that the business stationery is for brand growth, not selling.

2. Use colours wisely

One or two colours on business stationery is sufficient because anything more than that can make it look tacky or extravagant. Retain the colours of your logo, but use subtle hues for the rest of the letterhead. Meanwhile, use black or grey ink for every other information because they remain visible against most colours.

The personal message is the most crucial part of the stationery, and that’s why you must use colours that will make the handwritten note stand out. You can take inspiration from elegant yet straightforward hotel stationeries.

3. Print on premium paper

Make a great first impression by having your business stationery produced on high-quality paper. Using cheap paper will let you down in terms of print quality and design. Likewise, potential leads will base your decision-making and attention to detail through the quality of the stationery.

With paper quality being an essential element in developing formidable business stationeries, do not settle for anything less than premium paper. You can conduct studies on the best paper available in the market and choose the option that enhances the letterhead.

You can also ask a professional printing company for samples of their best business stationeries and the paper used to produce them. If they use premium paper unlike other printers, acquire their services because you know they will develop your business stationery with quality.

Go beyond a business stationery

If you found a quality printer and have the budget to spare, let them produce your other marketing collaterals like business cards, roller banners, and posters, to name a few. It will also be good if they allow uploading of your artwork for fast printing. Finally, choose a professional printing company that can create your business stationeries even under time constraints

If you are looking for a premium stationery printers in London, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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