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10 Essential Details Every Leaflet Must Contain – Our Guide

Whether for promotion of an event or a product, each flyer that you create must have a well-defined objective. This purpose helps determine the leaflet’s design to avoid confusing elements and messages. 

If you are wondering how to create an effective leaflet, here are ten vital details that each brochure must contain:

1. Brand colours and logo

Always remember to include the logo and the brand colours so that it is easily recognizable with the target audience. Including these two essential details will help differentiate your company from your competitors. Because of this, you must use the same icon and colour scheme to all marketing collaterals like social media images, rolling banners, and leaflets. 

2. Elements that stand out

Using the same branding elements while making the leaflet stand out will confuse your audience. However, the flyer’s uniqueness boils down to fulfilling different purposes to prevent promotional campaigns from becoming stagnant. You can still incorporate the company’s logo and colours in brochures, even if they satisfy various objectives.

3. Pertinent details

Even if your designer comes up with the best leaflet design, the project will be unusable if all details that the receiver needs are not included in the flyer. List all the features that must reflect in the leaflet and indicate the essential information. If it is an event, the date, time, and venue are worthy of a more prominent space.

4. The leaflet’s target audience

If every leaflet has a unique purpose, they have a corresponding unique audience, as well. Knowing as many details as possible about this target audience will influence the tone of the copy, and the vocabulary used. Identifying the audience will also reveal details that need to be included so that it can appeal to them.

5. Relate to your crowd

The copy’s text must carry a voice that potential customers can understand. Ditch the academic vocabulary and use words like “you” or “your” to personalize what you’re trying to offer. Show your audience that you are willing to speak directly and that you have their best interests in mind.

6. Proper spacing

Use concise language to minimize the text without losing its essence. Structure each sentence without wasting space and allot spaces in between to give readers a break after reading every line. Also, do not be afraid of white space because it adds beauty to the leaflet’s layout.

7. Appealing imagery

You can’t have a flyer that is all text. Instead, incorporate appealing images to provide variety in its design and support its context. Remember to use images that are clear and relevant to the leaflet’s purpose. Likewise, you must only use high-resolution images to keep its clarity regardless of the flyer’s size. Profound images also negate the need for lengthy paragraphs.

8. Clear title

In recent years, the attention span of an average user has decreased to a shocking four seconds, which only gives you so little time to captivate your audience with your leaflet. Using too many texts and images result in a chaotic flyer that people will have a hard time paying attention to one detail. This is why you must include a title that tells what the leaflet about and let the other elements support its message.

9. Persuasive message

After choosing a title, persuasive copywriting will pack a powerful punch for your message. Creatively delivering your thoughts leads your target audience to patronize your brand. However, you can’t embellish the text with inaccurate or false details because people will get disappointed if you don’t deliver.

10. Call to actions

After absorbing the texts and images in the leaflet, you will want customers to take action in supporting your brand. Whether you’re convincing them to buy a product or sign up for a service, you must establish a clear call to action. Otherwise, it would be impossible to measure the flyer’s effectiveness without knowing how the audience must respond.

Get high-quality leaflet designs

Hire an experienced graphic designer to combine these elements into a stunning visual with compelling copy. The design, however, will be put to waste without a quality printing company that can retain the colours in the original graphic. Choose a quality company that can provide templates to make it easier for saving and uploading flyers for printing.


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